the "k" key is not working in the GLFW plugin

in the file orxKeyboard.c of the plugin GLFW the letter k is lower case, which renders the k key unusable. so if you hit the k key and issue a orxKeyboard_Read() it will return orxKEYBOARD_KEY_NONE.
Index: orxKeyboard.c
--- orxKeyboard.c	(revision 2047)
+++ orxKeyboard.c	(working copy)
@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@
     case orxKEYBOARD_KEY_G:             {eResult = (GLFWKey)'G'; break;}
     case orxKEYBOARD_KEY_H:             {eResult = (GLFWKey)'H'; break;}
     case orxKEYBOARD_KEY_J:             {eResult = (GLFWKey)'J'; break;}
-    case orxKEYBOARD_KEY_K:             {eResult = (GLFWKey)'k'; break;}
+    case orxKEYBOARD_KEY_K:             {eResult = (GLFWKey)'K'; break;}
     case orxKEYBOARD_KEY_L:             {eResult = (GLFWKey)'L'; break;}
     case orxKEYBOARD_KEY_M:             {eResult = (GLFWKey)'M'; break;}
     case orxKEYBOARD_KEY_W:             {eResult = (GLFWKey)'W'; break;}


  • edited March 2011

    Thanks for the debug. Do you mind submitting it to the trunk as I'm not on a computer right now? Otherwise I'll do it when getting back home tonight.
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