Tiling efficiently

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A small question regarding tiles (which I'm putting in General Discussions instead of Help, because I'm sure there will be, well, discussions).

What is the most efficient way to handle tiling?

To be more precise, I have a top-down game where tiles are procedurally-placed. Should I just place them individually, or is it more efficient (for rendering purposes) to figure out the larger blocks of identical tiles, and simply set a representative individual to Repeat()?

Any other ideas for efficiently rendering a lot of (potentially different) background tiles?


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    Oh, and I realise that Sausage posted a Help topic about tiling, but I felt this was a sufficiently distinct topic to have a separate discussion. Please do not shun me.
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    Even if the topic was closer to the former discussion, I don't think there are a bunch of RTFM people around here, so no worries! ;)

    About the most efficient way of tiling. That's for sure that the bigger the block is, the faster your screen will get drawn. That being said, is it worth it? Probably not.

    Maybe on very low end hardware, but again orx's current display plugins are based on OpenGL, so it can only run on moderately recent hardware.

    My guess is that you could display hundreds and probably thousands of objects while maintaining a good framerate.

    How many tiles do you want to have in a single level? Objects are pretty low memory consumption so you might just be able to create all the objects you need. However, as there's no partitioning in orx's render plugin yet, it might impact the framerate. The only way to know that is to try.
    If it were the case, you could either add some partitioning (such as a quadtree) in the render plugin or create/delete objects depending on your current character position (a bit as you would do if you were streaming your level).

    I'm not sure I answered your question, so please let me know if you want more details. :)
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