WIP: Robin Graves

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Since we began to discuss it in my help thread about shaders, I figured I might as well make it more official here.

I'm working on a little title I call "Robin Graves." Which is a pun, you see, because the game involves grave robbing.

As of right now, it's entirely a prototype, and since I have a major project that I'm starting in October, "Robin Graves" will be moved to the back-burner somewhat. But generally speaking, the idea is thus:
  • Sneak around a graveyard, collecting body parts
  • Graveyards are procedurally generated
  • Avoid the guards who patrol the paths
  • Avoid the ghouls that wander randomly
  • Observe as occasionally the ghouls and guards...interact

As I said, just a silly little prototype to play with procedural content, and to see if I could make a stealth game that really emphasises not being seen.

The only gameplay video thus far is me learning how to use fragment shaders. This was just a test---which actually went according to plan---but of course don't expect the final game to look anything like this. ;)


As I say, it may be a while before I get back to this prototype or release it, but it's food for thought.


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    Sounds neat... and possibly creepy :).
    What's the reason for collecting body parts? Do you use it to raise ghouls/skeletons or something?

    There seems to be a lot of roguelikes being worked on at the moment. I checked out Rogue Survivor, which was kinda neat. And I guess there's some people working on their own serial killer roguelikes, since that previous one turned out to be a hoax.
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    Sounds interesting!

    I like the procedural generation part.
    Hope your major project won't take too long so that you can come back to it before years! ;)

    (Not only I'm curious to see how it turns, but I have to admit that I like the idea of seeing more and more released projects made with orx! :))
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    @ekerik At the moment, there's no particular purpose to collecting the body parts; it's just an excuse to make the player have to sneak around a lot. "Collect 3 Fresh Eyeballs, 3 Index Fingers (Rotten or better), and 1 Left Foot (Moderately Decomposed or better)." It's really only meant to be a prototype with some sneaking and collecting---and I just thought the setting would be morbidly funny. If I end up liking it enough to expand on it, that "raising more ghouls" idea is pretty good...

    @iarwain I do hope to be working more with Orx, and to relase a few more games with it. It's definitely my favorite 2D API thus far---I suppose it just suits my coding/design style. I hope I can add a little bit to the library of Orx games out there.
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    newton64 wrote:
    I hope I can add a little bit to the library of Orx games out there.

    Really looking forward to it! :)

    Out of curiosity, can we have any info about your big project or is everything secret? :)
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    Well, I'm not so much keeping it secret as I am keeping it mysterious. Heck, I already teased it on my website a year ago: check it out if you're curious. Again though, that was just me fiddling around in Ogre3D; I'll be starting the whole thing over from scratch, most likely using Unity.
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    Unity sounds like a good choice to me.
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