Does orx iphone support multi-touch, if yes, how?

I try to find the answer in the source of iphone part, but it seems it only support single touch in the orxMouse.c.
my solution is to add another joystick in orxJoystick.c connecting to other touches. But it is not a good idea. could you help me to fix it?


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    orx supports multi-touch only through events, not through the mouse module.

    Actually touches and accelerometers are transmitted through events, I simply wrapped some of these events to mouse & joystick modules for convenience. =)

    You still have the multi-touch events, as defined in orx.h. Right now they only exist for iPhone, but it's easy to have them defined for another platform.
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    thanks for your patient direction. I manage to fix the iphone demo into multi touch.
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    Great! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate! :-)
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