Grey Tutorial Updates!

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:P Hello everyone! Just wanted to let those who are interested know that Sausage and I have been going through and fixing my tutorials.

So! As of about 5 minutes ago, my "tutorial 1" has been split apart into a good number of separate files.

The vs2008 file is unchanged. (There might be a tweak or two coming in the near future, but nothing drastic.)

The new vs2005 specific file is uploaded and tested at least once. (I cannot test this myself sadly so PLEASE if there are bugs, let me know!)

I'll be making a 'fixed' version for vs2010 in the next day or so (or few hours, depending on my mood ^_^) and then two linux, and a mac tutorial will be made up some time after that. (Yes, I know... I'll probably fix these on chrissy day, how awesome am I? ;))

Anyway. Enjoy! And as usual, thoughts, donations of copious quantities or even just suggestions are welcome! :D

*edit* Before I forget, I will be going through and making all paths and files as platform agnostic as possible in order to ensure they all 'just work' no matter what. So pointing out any issue there will also be appreciated. :)


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    Nice work there! =)

    As for msvs2005, I might drop the support for the next release as I don't have it, there has been 2 new versions since and vs 2005 express is getting pretty hard to find. Any objection? =)
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    No objections from me. I don't have it either. And there are (for the most part) only minor differences between visual studio versions from a user perspective.
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    Gasp no 2005?! Oh well. I can live with that. As long as express 2008 is easy enough for people to download and orx works with it, we can upgrade.

    By the way, huge thank you to Grey. These tutorials got me set up in the first place and removed hours of possible frustration for me.

    There's nothing worse than starting on a project and spending your first few hours / days just getting the IDE to play nicely.
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    Well, I don't mind maintaining the project file themselves, they're almost identical to the vs2008 ones.

    The only thing I can't do is compiling binaries myself, but if someone volunteers to help me build new binaries for releases (orx, external, tutorials, tools), I'd be fine with that.

    Also, vs2010 express is now the one you can find on microsoft server, vs2008 express is more hidden on their site and vs2005 express disappeared.
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    You are most welcome.
    Honestly I write these things just to teach myself how everything works. I figure if I can keep someone from the frustration of the trial and error approach afterwards, all the better ^_^.
    Plus, occasionally it's nice to focus on the project, not the tools!
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    for me, I am a lover of linux, I will develop game in linux and know little about vs. But my colleague prefer to use vc6.0 (the product of centuries ago)
    so it is possible to use orx?
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    You can't use vc 6.0 with orx, unfortunately. The minimum version is VS2005 as, prior to this, VS didn't have any support for a C99 feature called variadic macros. Those are needed for the plugin module.

    I'd sugggest they use either a newer version of VS / VS Express or MinGW. =)
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    Initial work on the CodeLite Linux Tutorial has finally been uploaded B)

    Now I've just got to fix the nasty issue with Iarwain's old-gcc/g++ builds for the .so files ;)

    *edit* the red arrows of DOOM return! :D
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    Nice! =)

    Btw, which .so issues are you referring to? My memory's gone bad lately! ^^
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    Excellent, excellent, excellent! Very nice work.
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    Incompatible libs when trying to build with the latest versions of gcc/g++ (or at least that's what my machine keeps yelling at me for ;))
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    Ah yes, the fact I'm using an old old version of gcc. I'll try to fix that on my end pretty soon. :)
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    Couple more updates done guys. There's now a bit of a 'unified' tutorial using some JavaScript 'spoiler' like tags, to show just the relevant stuff for VS2005, 2008 and Codelite currently.

    Tutorial 1

    *edit* also, turns out the latest version of codelite has decided to completely re-do a big chunk of the UI I'm showing off in my tutorials recently... So I'll be updating/replacing/whatever all of that work "soon" :) heh... this'd almost be funny if it wasn't my work that needs replacing haha
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    Now that's just a little too fancy.
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    Too fancy? pfft, no such thing!

    Only needs a monocle and top-hat to complete it!
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