CEGUI for orx

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I'm porting CEGUI (http://www.cegui.org.uk/wiki/index.php/Main_Page) in ORX. My idea is to have GUI support for the engine. Right now I'm able to render, move and resize a simple window or any other object.
My idea is to add a CEGUI plugin. I'll add the some examples ASAP. CEGUI.JPG


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    This looks very promising and it was a really good idea you've got there.

    I'll have a look to what you sent me over the week end, thanks again for your interest and work! :)
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    I keep working with the GUI plugin. Using the CEGUI philosophy the GUI layout is load from a XML file. Some of the most relevant event are cover right now. Just to name a few

    .-Scroll Bar Position Change
    .-Check Button State Change
    .-Radio Button State Change
    .-Combobox Selection Change
    .-Window Close Button Change
    .-and so on...

    I haven't ask to include the plugin into the svn since I would like to support more objects, events and properties. Please take a look to the Screen Shoot. The idea of the example is to use GUI in tutorial 04, instead the keyboard.

    If you have any suggestion, request, etc please let me know. GUI_ScreenShoot.JPG
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    Hi MrGreen!

    This looks very promising! I'm really looking forward to see it integrated in orx when you'll be ready. :)
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