Pandora version?

Is there any chance of a Pandora version of Orx?

The hardware is similar to the GP2X, except it has a much faster processor, an SGX GPU (supports OpenGL ES), 256 megs of RAM, more flexible Linux install, and it's much more capable overall.

I'd like to make my upcoming game using Orx, if so.


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    Hi and welcome atomicthumbs!

    There will definitely be a pandora version of orx. That's why I stopped focusing on the GP2X version lately (lacking of time and having debug trouble because of the GP2X-F200 poor design for developpers).

    I applied for a pandora-MK0 back then but wasn't selected.
    I'll get a pandora when it's released and porting orx on it will probably (hopefully) just be a matter of days.

    Till then the next version to expect will be the iPhone one.
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