v1.0rc0 has been released!

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You can grab it here.

Please post in the forum about any feedbacks, suggestions or comments you have, as well as any bugs you found!

Here is a copy of the readme file you can find in the package. Any idea on how to improve it will we welcomed! :)


Orx - Portable Game Engine (Version 1.0rc0)


Email iarwain at orx-project.org to contact the author; or better, check
orx's homepage at http://orx-project.org for the most up-to-date contact information.

This engine is licensed under the LGPL, see the file LICENSE for details.


Orx is a 2D oriented, data-driven, portable game engine focused primarily on ease of use.

This is the first release candidate for orx v1.0. If you find any bugs,
please report them at https://forum.orx-project.org/discussion/387]my other post[/url] for more information about what I want to do.

This is due to the strong coupling created by various 'CreateFromConfig' functions as well as most API functions relying on a config id so it can call 'CreateFromConfig'.

So, if I want to represent my data using json or xml, I will have to manually create everything from scratch.

A solution to that might be:

1). Create a resource manager that creates objects, graphics, animations, etc, for you based on a key.

In standard config it should remain the same way.

In json could be something like

In XML could be something like

2). Create format handlers to interpret different formats for orx.

3). Change *CreateFromConfig functions so object creation / retrieval is delegated to the resource manager.

I don't know if this is a good idea, nor if it is compatible with current design or even if it is doable, but this is what makes sense to me.



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    RC1 is on its way and will probably arrive next week end.

    Changelog so far:

    - All platforms have been switched to SFML 1.5
    - Fixed orxConfig_Reload() not working properly
    - Added orxLOG_RAW, orxLOG_CONSOLE & orxLOG_FILE helpers
    - Fixed orxSpawner_Reset() not reseting the wave time stamp
    - Removed some obsolete files
    - Updated some comments / templates to look nicer
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