Different screens/menus best practice

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I feel like I'm spawning this forum, but I think this question deserves new topic.

Is there any best practice way to make different game screens, as welcome screen, game over screen etc. or I should just delete all created objects and load new scene defined in config file?

Edit: just got an idea to ask about menu creation too :unsure:


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    I don't know if there's a best practice for that I personally use a new scene whose parent object uses the camera as parent (this allows easy UI buttons/menu positioning).

    But some people might prefer creating a new camera just for this, or simply move the camera so that it frustum doesn't see the whole world but only objects that would be either too far or too close to be rendered otherwise.

    As for handling buttons, you can look how I do it in ScrollEd, the level editor that was shipped with Mushroom Stew. However that version won't work with the current version of orx, I'll release a new Scroll/ScrollEd with orx 1.3.
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    I am making this kind of game structure for a project in my company. I may release it after the project completed. if I am confident in my code.
    I think it is not very difficult to make one by yourselves. cost one or two days but can use it again and again.
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    True, Laschweinski's work for UI might be very helpful for a lot of people. If he can release it later that'd be a great resource. :)
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