Compiling for iPhone from SVN

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I have some difficulties compiling for Mac, but figured it out. No problems for Windows in VS but have like 200 errors compiling for iPhone.

Most of them are in "multimedia" libraries like sound, mouse, display etc.

Has anyone tried it for any of latest versions so far? Or am I just doing something really wrong?


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    I tried it this morning after seeing your post, I had 104 errors. They're all fixed on the SVN now (they were due to the latest touch/accelerometer event merged for Android/iPhone). I could then compile/run for emulator (didn't have time to try on device).

    Let me know if you still have issues with the latest version.
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    Well, I had 190 but now it's ok. Thank you :)
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    it is a long time to run my app in iphone. thanks for your test.
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