2D skinning

how hard would it be to add a 2D skinning feature to orx?
there is a good sample here


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    For static objects, it already exist: ChildList with optional physics joints using ChildJointList.

    For animation, that's the system of skeletal animation I've been wanting to add for about a month (I think I mentioned it here and there on the forum). It's a big refactoring of the animation module as I'll also support channels (with 3 available types for now: bones, graphics and events). I'd like to be compatible with the current way of describing animations in config as much as possible and that's the tricky part. :)

    I'll try to work on it as a background task as I have more important work to do for the coming month.
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    I was more thinking of skinning for animation using the vertex shader to deform the geometry of the object (the texture is following the the geometry and so will bend, shrink and stretch to stick on the geometry)

    Of course that mean alot of changes since actually in orx object geometry is just a rectangle, which is not enough for skinning...
    and of course you need a vertex shader with parameters
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    I am really curious about the new animation system.
    could you give us more details and your plan. you could give an section of animationSetTemplate and its keys list to demonstrate the whole picture.

    And now I am trying to read your code about anim system but not much time on it, the process is slow. I found they are very clear and easy to understand from now. Therefore if you like you could try to request us to finish some parts of work. Of course if you want.
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    I had very clear thoughts about it 2 months ago but I didn't take any notes so I'll have to think again about the config organization. I don't think I'll do that before going home either.
    And thank you for proposing help, I'd be happy to get some for most of the work but this one is a pretty deep change and as long as I don't get clear thoughts on it again it'll be hard for me to tell others what to do. :)
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    I think you could reference cocos2d 's action system, that is completed. And the full picture of structure is in its doc which could be downloaded with the source package.
    Besides, some 3d effects are great although they are not practical using in the game.
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    I read about it a while ago but from what I remember it was closer to what orxFXs are than to a skeletal animation system.
    Anyway my concern isn't the code itself but the way data will be organized in config and keeping as much as compatible with the current scheme so that it won't break when people will upgrade.

    They are easier to use than orxFXs but also more limited, with one exception: the use of Bezier curve. Maybe I should consider adding Bezier curves to orxFX, that shouldn't be too hard.

    I haven't read about their 3D effects yet but I remember seeing grid deformation. I admit it's a convenient way for users to do things they can do directly in OpenGL when using rendering to texture. My guess is that some tutorials on how to achieve the same thing would be enough as, as you pointed out, they're not very common in games anyway.
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    Now related to skinning :p
    iarwain said:
    Maybe I should consider adding Bezier curves to orxFX, that shouldn't be too hard
    Beizer could add much more variety to orxFX, specially Cubic beizer (computationally expensive than Qudratic ) offer much more tween effect. Have not drive much into tweenjs as how they are implementing there stuff, I think beizer is the only thing missing in orxFX like you said.

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    Yes Bezier would be nice.
    I also have a plan to support freeform curves (ie. point cloud + interpolation): https://bitbucket.org/orx/orx/issue/14/add-freeform-curves

    Those would then be pluggable into an orxFX or used directly by the user for his/her own needs.
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