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how do you guys display the shapes of an object's body for debug purpose?



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    Well, I've never had to do it so far and I don't think there's any easy way to do it. I can see 2 options:
    - use an object based on the "pixel" texture that you'll scale and use as a line and set it in the config with the same coordinates as your body parts (will work work with boxes and meshes but not with spheres)
    - write a custom shader that will take all your body parts as input and render some debug shapes accordingly when the object is displayed.

    As you can see, those two options are not very straightforward. What kind of body is giving you trouble?
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    Well, none. I just want to see the shapes of some objects in order to define them in a way that would work ok for all the object's animations. I want to avoid recreating the shapes for each animation.

    I'll try your tips. Thanks.
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    I guess I'll really have to add support for primitive drawing for 1.4. :)
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    That would be cool! ;)
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