delete children object

this problem is somewhat weird for me. even after searching the newest code in svn, I still unable to find the answer
the situation is when I have this kind of object structure below, then I add a new child object F into and set its parent A in the code. At the same time I disable B Object, then when I delete A object, C and D won't be able to deleted, B is also could not be deleted actually. I attempt to resume B's enable from false to true, deleting B, C and D is all ok.

Thanks for your help.

B F(add it in the code)


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    As discussed offline, that was due to the fact children were tagged for deletion (SetLifeTime(0.0f)) instead of being deleted immediately. And objects that have a lifetime are only updated if enabled.

    I changed that for an immediate deletion of all children that should work just fine but let me know if it has any side effect.
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