feeling dumb

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so i played with the precompiled version a bit with the ini files but when i try to do the tutotial packages i get dll errors....

what am i doing wrong?

codelite setup as per instructions and can build the project perfectly fine but when i try to execute it i get

This App has failed to start because libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll was not found

... hard to do anything with it when its doing this
and the vsvc2008 package triggers my virus scanner complaining about w32 gen dialer or some such


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    Mmh that sounds like we're not using the same mingw version. What version did you install?
    Mine has gcc version 4.5.0 in it and you'll need gcc 4.5.X to be able to use the precompiled version yourself.

    The other option, as mentioned in your other thread, is to use UPX to decompress the msvs version or, better, to sync the SVN and compile orx yourself (it compiles out of the box and you'll get a bunch of fixes and new features too :)).

    Let me know if you found a solution.
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    so my problem is MinGW 4.4.1?
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    Probably, they broke the binary compatibility between the gcc 4.4.X and gcc 4.5.X. :(

    In the CHANGELOG file you can read this at the top of the doc:
    * IMPORTANT: Mingw dev package has binaries built with gcc 4.5.0 which are *NOT* compatible with older versions of gcc. Please upgrade or recompile orx and dependencies.
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    working on getting mingw with gcc 4.5 going at least it wasent me being stupid i was worried i was being a idiot when its actually someone else fault :D i like it when im right
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    Yeah, it got trickier to use the mingw version lately and I assume people on windows are more interested in using the visual studio version instead. :)
    Mingw is often used by people who have some habit of using gcc on mac osx and/or linux.
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    i use mingw because i hate microsoft

    that and seriously look up the license for visual studio... i spent like 5 hours looking for it to see what it says about doing a commercial release and i couldn't find anything

    i have since learned that yes you can but it took me over a week to get that info where mingw says it on the front page or at least did when i picked it
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    Ah yes, I totally understand. The advantage is that if you get familiar with codelite you can easily release a linux version of your game by simply compiling in a linux box and without having to change anything in your code/data. :)
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    and that is one of my plans more platforms = more users = more sales opportunity
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