Tutorial 10 - StandAlone - source code missing


Orx seems to be a very interesting piece of software, especially with its data driven conception. I followed the various tutorials but I am mainly interested in creating standalone executables, and unfortunately the link to the example source file is broken

Another question, is there any doc about the .ini format used by orx and its various parameters ?

Congrats, and keep up the good work
anyway you should correct the link. Unless this code is obsolete ? I still did not try it with last orx release.

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    Hi and welcome here, Melvina!

    I just checked the links for tutorials #10, 11 & 12 (the three stand alone tutorials) on the wiki and the linked seemed ok to me. Would you mind telling me to which links you're referring?

    There are two files: CreationTemplate.ini and SettingsTemplate.ini, in the /bin folder, that contain all the config properties recognized by orx. Of course you can add your own for your own needs. You should have a summary of all these info in the README file.
    I'd also suggest using the current SVN version as it has a bunch of fixes and some new features that have been added since the latest release.

    Thanks for your interest and don't hesitate if you have any question! =)
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