Undesired Parallax Scrolling

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I've started using your engine a little while ago. I've encountered a problem when I start moving the camera.

I have the camera looking straight down the z-axis, with objects arranged in x-y space. When I move it along the x-y plane, I notice that objects with a z-value that is not 0 tend to "drift" in relation to each other, much like a perspective camera would minus the scaling.

I'm guessing this the parallax scrolling feature in your engine? How would I turn this off?



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    Hi Eugene, and welcome here.

    Can you tell me more about your camera's properties? Such as its position and the dimensions of its frustum?
    The parallax scrolling feature is handled per-object and per-axis. If your object has a config property called AutoScroll, you might want to remove it and that should fix your problem.

    Are you using orx directly or Scroll? I'm asking as Scroll as a toggle to enable/disable AutoScroll on all the objects placed with the editor and it might be activated by mistake.

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    Ahh, it does seem to be the autoscroll property. It is set to "both". Thanks for the speedy response!
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    My pleasure! Don't hesitate if you have any other question.

    PS: Nice blog btw, I'm looking forward your next post. :)
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