Sender vs. Recipient for Orx physics events

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When an orxEVENT_TYPE_PHYSICS event occurs, e.g. a CONTACT add event, how exactly is it determined who is hSender and who is hReceipient?



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    The choice is made by Box2D, which calls them A & B, and orx simply stores A in the hSender and B in the hReceiver.

    So the actual terms of Sender/Receiver might bring confusion.
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    I see. So which object is hSender and which is hRecipient is arbitrary, then? That would be consistent with my observations.

    It might help others to add a note to Doxygen.

    Thanks for the response!
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    Good idea, I'll add that soon.

    And yes, my guess is that it depends on the actual object's creation order but I haven't gone into Box2D's code to verify that so it might be completely wrong! :)
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