XCode template exe doesn't update after build?

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Relatively new to XCode and I'm using Kenn's XCode template/skeleton.

After trying to make some changes I noticed that after building and running the skeleton (in debug) nothing seems to update. So I:
- redownloaded the skeleton
- ran it once (got the blue scene)
- deleted everything in StandAlone.cpp
- built and then ran it again
- the compiler didn't complain and I still got the blue scene

I'm not quite sure what kind of beginner mistake I'm still making with XCode.


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    Mmh, I'm no XCode expert and I've never used Kenn's template myself, so I don't know to which extent I can help on this one.

    What I do know though, is that I found myself having a lot of update issues when using XCode and having orx's source in the same project.
    What I do now is using a pre-compiled version of orx (I add the -lorx flag manually in the additional library config field) and usually develop on a different platform: either on different OS or by using a different IDE on mac. CodeLite works on mac and I know some people using Eclipse.
    I've heard of AppCode too but have never used it myself yet.

    If you'd rather stick with XCode, if you can send me an archive with your project I can have a look at it next week end if you want. Sorry not to be able to be of more help.
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    Thanks for the super quick reply anyway.

    I had no problems with Visual Studio but for some reason XCode likes being difficult. I switched to CodeLite but found that equally awkward.

    I'll try my luck out with Eclipse since that works on both osx & pc. Ah, the joys of having an decaying macbook.
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    I'm here with you. :)

    I'm seriously considering giving AppCode a try. I applied for an OpenSource free license but didn't get any news yet. I should just try the trial version I think.
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    Have you had a chance to experiment with AppCode?

    I ended up sticking with Visual Studio. It was really the program with the least amount of hassle.
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    Nope, just had the time to update Mushroom Stew with the latest version of Scroll, but didn't touch the mac. I got the open source license for AppCode though so I'll definitely try it at some point. :)
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    Ooh, fancy fancy!
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