Better Eclipse settings / preferences for Android

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Are there any tips and tricks for making the build/test cycle easier for Android devices.

Here is what I have to do now.

- Recompile Orx code with ndk-build (command line)
- Press F5 (Eclipse) to refresh project.
- Press F11 to upload and start the application to the device.

So I have to switch back and forth in between windows and sometimes it seems Eclipse does not detect it correctly when I run ndk-build.

I have found some hints on configuring Eclipse for C++ development, so I am going to look into it and will report back if I can make an improvement... but was wondering what others are doing.

Is there anyone that is building from the command line only (no Eclipse?)



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    Well this helped me quite a bit:

    After following those instructions, when I save my .cpp file it automatically invokes ndk-build. Then, when I press F11 it knows to upload the new version.

    Still not perfect (I haven't figured out how to get Eclipse's syntax highlighting correct) but a big improvement.
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    Thanks for the link. I'm sure it'll be helpful to others. One day, I too will compile the Android version. ;)
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