How do you actually use this?

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Is it too much to ask for some basic documentation on what all the different packages in your download area are and how I'm supposed to compile/link anything?!?!

I cannot find any readme's anywhere.

What in the world is going on??!?!


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    I thought the package names were self explanatory, hence the lack of doc about it. But you're right some precisions can always be helpful. I'll probably also use this thread as a base for writing a FAQ.

    So about the packages, you have:
    • orx-doc-* : doxygen documentation of all public modules/functions
    • orx-src-* : all sources of the engine, including a couple of demo used internally to test new features / features regressions
    • orx-tutorial-* : basic tutorials that will help you learning how orx works. They contain fully commented sources, build projects (microsoft visual studio 2005, 2008, codelite and makefiles) and also binaries (windows with msvs2005, msvs2008 or mingw and linux)
    • orx-dev-* : all files you need for creating your own project using orx as an engine/library. They contain include files and compiled libraries. They also come in different flavours: msvs2005, msvs2008, mingw for windows and linux.
    • orx-extern-* : all precompiled external libraries needed if you want to compile orx core plugins. So you only need these external libraries to build the engine, not to build projects using orx.

    You might also want to check the first video tutorial I made about spawners that explain how to set up a project from scratch using microsoft visual studio. You can find it here.

    Building the engine yourself is a bit annoying with the latest release (0.9.0b), but if you wait a couple of hours for the next release (0.9.1), everything will compile out-of-the-box as long as you're taking all packages for your platform. (By all packages I mean the orx-dev-* + orx-extern-* ones actually :)).

    If you have any other question, feel free to ask them here.
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    Here's the tutorial that really helped me when I first started...might help you. :)
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    Yes, M1SF17's right! The stand alone tutorial is a good place to begin with how to setup orx for your project.

    You can also have a look at Drops. It's not a tutorial but a fully functional project (even if still WIP) that's using orx.
    It even comes with project files for both microsoft visual studio 2008 and codelite.
    It has an advantage over the tutorials to not be just theory but to be really using orx.
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