AVG detects Orx as trojan

I was extracting the newest Visual Studio version of Orx and my copy of AVG claimed to have found a trojan (Dialer.YEA) in it. Can anyone confirm that that's a false positive?


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    Hi ForSpareParts and welcome here,

    It's indeed a false positive on the launcher. They've been packed with UPX and some antivirus programs don't like that much.

    You can download the src + extern packages and recompile your own version of the launcher if you'd rather. If you plan on developing a stand alone executable you won't need the launcher anyway. :)

    However I recommend syncing the SVN version as the released packages are getting pretty old and a lot of fixes and improvements have been made since (~200 commits). Orx compiles out of the box for all platforms if you do so.
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    Thanks for the reply! I'll grab the newest version from SVN -- I look forward to trying Orx out.
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    Just in case, a small detail: only sync the /trunk folder if you don't want to sync GB of non-useful branches. :)

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate, the wiki has some info but it's not always easy to find what one's looking for.
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