Assembly Language Megaprimer

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For anyone else who is tired of feeling punked by stack traces and missing source files, here is a great video series on assembly language for beginners:

The description implies this is for learning about security exploits, but it's really just a very good primer on programming in assembly. Perfect for someone already familiar with C programming and Linux.


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    I haven't looked at it yet but it feels like a good read. :)

    I also recommend Agner Fog's optimization manuals which are pretty interesting and regularly updated.
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    Watched half of them yesterday and they're pretty nice.
    There are some imprecisions/omissions in some of them, but nothing bad.
    Too bad it's really oriented toward exploits and not much toward optimizing or debugging, which comes handy when developing games. :)
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    Have been on vacation in Puerto Rico for the past few days, and for a couple more days. I haven't been using the computer for much except maps :)

    Thanks for the Agner Fog link. That looks like a really valuable resource. I think the learning curve on most of those is a bit high for a beginner (me), but not too bad. The "Basics" section of optimizing_assembly.pdf is understandable and looks like a good reference, too.

    Lots of good links at the bottom of the page, too.
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