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1). Unicode support?

I tried to load some configs with UTF-8 asian characters, and it just dies horribly. So I guess orx is not utf-8 ready yet. So, how hard is it to implement this? What is a good way to do it?

2). basic 3d rendering?

I read somewhere that there is a plan for basic 3d rendering support, is it being worked on?


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    1) Top of the todo list in orxInclude.h (should appear in the todo section in the doxygen doc page).

    orxCHAR should be defined differently to support unicode. orxConfig's parser should also be revisited for that. I'm no expert in unicode so I don't know if adding the support is fast or not and if it requires the use of an external library.

    There again, orx's core doesn't have such dependency so if unicode is supported in standard libraries I'll be more than happy to add its support directly in the core. But again, I'm lacking time and I've never done coded anything about unicode.

    2) There are 2 basic things lacking for the 3D rendering: a matrix module and a 3D render plugin. Once a matrix module has been added, orxFRAME module has to be modified so as to use them. After that, orxGRAPHIC/orxANIM types are data-independent, so it's only the render plugin that know what to do with them. Given that, it'll be easier to write a 3D render plugin either home made or based on any external library (Ogre3D, CrystalSpace, etc...).
    No one worked on that for ages as when it was planned goes back to when there was a team on orx, not only me. Right now it's not one of my priority (short term priorities: SDL/OpenGL/OpenAL plugins to have an alternative to SFML + iPhone support).
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