v.0.9.1 (1108) has been released!

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Hello all!

The title says everything! :)

Actually there are only a limited amount of changes since last release, but they were, for most of them, aiming at making the engine more user friendly! Thanks again for all people who made suggestions going this way, especially M1SF17. :)

But enough of this, let's see what we have with this new version. Here's a quick list of the changes since last release (0.9.0b (1019)):
  • Added more config file controls (section.key referring, file include, automatic encryption, filtered save, ...)
  • Engine will now compile/link out-of-the-box when using the externlibs package
  • Easy UI object placing through config file (supporting mulitiple aspect ratio)
  • Added picking function, to simplify UI handling
  • Simplified release/debug plugin handling (no need to specify to separate sets of plugins anymore)
  • Added orxSPAWNER that can creates wavec of objects (configurable from config file)
  • Added LifeTime support for objects (makes particles and FXs easy to handle, fire-and-forget style)
  • Added mouse cursor control (move + hide/show)
  • Added windows decoration control through config files
  • Added sound spacialization with listeners
  • Added priorities for clock callbacks
  • Enhanced clock ticks (no more precision degradation after some hours)
  • Added more events for creation/run/destructions of orxOBJECT, orxFX, orxSOUND, ...
  • Added names from config files for most of objects (helps debugging and sorting in event handlers)
  • Added new blend modes: add and multiply (only alpha blending was previously supported)
  • Added oriented bounding box module (and completed previous axis aligned box and vector modules)
  • Fixed display bug that made scrolling (and movement) not completetly smooth
  • Added some debug code to help tracking wrong user allocation/free requests
  • Added lot of error messages (300+) that should cover most of failure cases (thanks to M1SF17)
  • Doxygen doc is warning free now
  • Some speed optimizations
  • Some bug fixes

Most important of all: if you get orx source + exter libs, everything will compile/link out-of-the-box no matter which IDE/build system you'll use.

Any comment is welcomed, as usual! :)
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