Ludum Dare

Don't you know about the bird?

Ludum dare ( is a game creation competition. There isn't one running now, but anyone using orx Is probably on the right path to want to join such a competition.

The rules are pretty straightforward: you have 48 hours to create a game, and you work alone.

Anyway, my gf is demanding the ipad now, so just have a look at the link :)


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    Yep Ludum Dare has gotten very popular over the past few years.

    I'm myself unfortunately unqualified to make a full game on my own but they also have the Jam part where groups can participate and have an extra day, I believe.

    So far I've only participated to 2 jams: the TIGSource Assemblee one in late 2009 and the recent MolyJam 2012 in San Francisco.

    Would love to see entries made with orx in Ludum Dare, that goes without saying. :)
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