ini -> texture

I'm not putting this as a feature request just yet, because I want to know what YOU think ;)

And I'm making too much threads in the progress. Sorry!

Anyway, if you make an INI file point at a Texture file (or, probably, any file at all), and it's a relative path, it will always begin from the position of the EXE (or, more likely, the working directory)

However, isn't it more sensible to make the relative paths relative from the INI files?


I now have an INI file at ..dataPlayerPlayer.ini; because I don't want all those INI files cluttering up my EXE map. I'm stubborn like that.

However, to get the Texture in that same map, I have to put in the ini file ..dataPlayerPlayer.png all over again.

So what do you think? Is it a hassle and a potential risk for older projects? Could we add an optional preprocessor command allowing for this?


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    Yep, that's something that has already been requested a long time ago.

    Unfortunately the config system is totally agnostic of its content or users, it's a simple enhanced key-value repository.

    But even if we were to add some logic in the parsing to do such a thing, the issue comes with the fact that .ini files are meant to be merged for a release (with optional encryption, see the wiki entry about that) and in this case all the paths would be incorrect.
    Working with a lot of different .ini all over the place is merely for more convenience when developing.
    Also what if a path is overridden by a new config file during execution, that can become confusing and problematic.

    A local solution would be to do that post-processing (ie. remapping the paths) on the user side after the config files have been loaded.
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