[ANSWERED] Texture settings

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i'm watching the video tutorials, it's cool as it made me realise there was this CreationTemplate.ini that gather the settings I can have in my own ini file.


Though I still don't understand those:
TextureTL={x, y, z}; NB: z is ignored;
TextureBR={x, y, z}; NB: z is ignored;

i realised what it does after uncommenting them in the object tutorial (actually splits the texture to the given coordinates).

And while writing i answered my own stupid question myself:
TL = Top Left
BR = Bottom Right

How clever.

going to slap myselft and i'm back =)


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    Hehe. Nice guess! :)

    Yes, you'll find this also in the code. In the orxAAB structure for example (Axis-Aligned Box).

    Wasn't the video tutorial not too boring? It was a first try. :D
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    i haven't been through all of them, i'm more taking stuff as i need it. Though it's been cool until now :)

    had to copy every settings to create a new project within the tutorial workspace, it's been a pretty mindless operation though it works and i now have my asrx project (again) up and working :)
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    Just for newcomers: partial texture are now defined by their size and their top left corner. TextureSize/TextureCorner.
    Makes it less tedious when using animation from a pixel sprite with all frames the same size. =)
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