[ANSWERED] codelite and autocompletion

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hey, me again.

trying to be active tonight but i feel as clever as a cooked octopus ...

so, the question is about codelite. How can I have auto completion on orx variables?

It'd be _really_ useful to get a better grip on the syntax. Haven't code in a while and the logic went away from my brain, this should be helping to get back into it :)



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    Ok Iarwain told me how to achieve that.

    For those interested in the answer, you simply have to create a tag database file. The process is pretty straightforward, once the file is created you simply have to load it in your workspace.
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    any pointers on how to create this tag database file? google didn't provide me with any answers.
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    Hi rotor,

    In codelite's tag menu, select create external tags database. Then follow the instructions, you'll have to point the base folder of the include you want to use.

    Hope this helps!
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    thanks iarwain, that was easy enough!

    i do however now stumble onto my next problem. i'm using visual the studio c++ express editor API, which i am actually new to. i have been googling around again, but it's not getting me anywhere. can you hint me to where i can set up the .tags file for the auto complete feature?

    your help is much appreciated!
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    You're welcome!

    That's a good question! I have no idea about this API though, as I'm not familiar with it either. :(

    I'm using only orx API right now, and I've always been more of a linux coder than a windows one, so I might not be the best reference concerning windows API, sorry! :/

    As for the .tags file, in codelite, you just have to go to tags->attach external tags database, and it should work! :)
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