Help request: mercurial, bitbucket and buildbot



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    Great news,

    I'll take a look to setup a buildbot slave for android.
    about packaging:

    Is there a preferred layout for content?
    both android versions are static build and require a bunch of files like libBox2D.a, libNvEvent.a, libSOIL.a + some required by the ndk build script.

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    Well, I used to use a layout that mirrors orx's internal folder structure, but we can always decide to go with something else if we think it makes more sense.

    Also, why don't you merge all your static libraries together so that users only have to link -lorx in the end?

    EDIT: Something like:
    ar xv libBox2D.a | cut -f3 -d ' ' | xargs ar rvs liborx.a
    ar xv libNvEvent.a | cut -f3 -d ' ' | xargs ar rvs liborx.a
    ar xv libSOIL.a | cut -f3 -d ' ' | xargs ar rvs liborx.a
    ranlib liborx.a
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    buildbot 130.6K
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    And visual 2008!
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    The mac version still requires some work though...
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    I had talked about having the output of the compilation in a different folder by platform (win,linux32, linux64) I dont remember what the final decision about it was, but I'm throwing it back out here sinec people are working on premake and buildbot.
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    Well that actually means changing both /lib and /bin folder architectures + updating all the doc/wiki for a very limited audience (those who want to cross-compile on linux).

    That also means to duplicate all the config files as it's done in the tutorial folder, and I'm not very fond of the idea.

    That being said, you can easily modify the code/build/premake4.lua script in order to output different platform to different folders and then generate your own makefile/IDE project file.

    The manually created IDE project files will soon disappear except for the XCode ones as premake isn't doing a viable work for it, unfortunately.
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    If you sync the latest, there's an option for premake, namely --split-platforms, that will separate the target folders based on the platform.
    Ie: instead of /lib/dynamic, /lib/static, /bin and /bin/plugins/demo you'll have /lib/dynamic/x32, /lib/dynamic/x64, etc...
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    that's great, I'll set that up and update the tutorials.
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