Codelite + orx + win32 = stuck windows?

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Does anyone else using codelite on windows ever experience this? Developing with orx, you get an output console window when running a compiled exe.

Sometimes when killing the task after a test, the console window can be left behind. I can't find a way to kill these windows. I'm looking for a program that might be able to do a trick.

Standard taskill or task manager killing does not work of course, because there is no process attached to the window. It's just dead.

Is this an issue with orx or an issue with codelite? How do you kill these things without a reboot? I sometimes end up with about 8 of these things after a few days of work.


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    Last time I experienced the same problem (ie. ghost console windows) it was a few years ago at Ubisoft on winXP.
    If it's the same problem you get, it's not a bug with codelite nor orx but a bug in windows. :)

    The bug was introduced with the microsoft update KB978037, and uninstalling this patch usually resolved that problem.

    More generally, I'd recommend using Process Explorer in place of the default task manager:
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    It got apparently fixed with

    If you already have it locally, it might mean that they re-introduced that bug somehow.

    You can also ask orx/codelite to not open a console windows with the link flag -mwindows, if I remember correctly.
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    Process explorer, didn't think to fire that up. Thanks.

    I'd say the bug wasn't re-introduced. I'm one of those nutters who doesn't take the updates.

    But I'll get that one.
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