android/android-native changes

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Hi all,

once again, I had to change the way orx is built, both for android and android-native.

Now orx is build as a static library in the code/build directory instead of built with the application.

I've updated the wikis for both versions.

In short.
In the application, you need to change the last line to
$(call import-module,orx/code/lib/static/android) for android

$(call import-module,orx/code/lib/static/android-native) for android-native

but you also need to build orx and install it in code/lib directory.

very easy
cd orx/code/build/android(-native)

and you are done, this step needs only to be done once

if you need help dont hesitate to ask


PS: I hope it's the last time I need to make theses changes and break your current setup. sorry
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