Can i get orx source code????????????

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acoording to your introduction ,orx seems to be a open-source project. but i can't find any linker to download the source code.

i searched on internet ,the orx-src-1.2 can be found . but no newer. do you have stopped opening source of orx???


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    hey, viavia welcome here :) source code of orx is hosted in Bitbucket, you can find it here,

    if you really want to get orx source code, you need Mercurial or hg installed in your computer. Orx source is only necessary if you want to modify orx for custom use, but most of the time you need pre-compiled binary that can be found here

    Download the appropriate binary suited to your platform or need. what are you looking for actually ?
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    Welcome viavia!

    I think Jim already covered everything! :)

    Just a precision: the archive named contains the source code of the latest release. If you get this archive and want to compile orx yourself, you'll also need the one. But all this is explained in the README file. :)

    If you want to download the latest dev source without using hg, you can use this link:
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    thank you for replying me.i use hg to clone the"download" ,but always failed in the end.i dont know why.

    but dont worry .i have down it by the other way.
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    thank you for replying me. you help so much ,i have down it not using hg.

    now i can compile it using the ,right?what compiler should i use? according to ,in windows ,i can only use msvs2008 and msvs2010? Can codeblocks work? or visual C++ 6.0?

    I will read it carefully ,and wish to contribute if i can ,thanks!
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