ORX Embedded XCode Project Feedback

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Hi, I just loaded ORX from SVN trunk repository and got orx-embedded XCode project to compile. I want to share a few modifications I had to make.

I have XCode 4.6.2 with OS X SDK 10.7 and 10.8 installed. So, I had to change settings to use 10.7. This automatically fixed OpenGL framework reference.

There was an error about not being able to find 4 functions due to the signature mismatch. I was from const char[7] to void*.

After I changed option "Compile Sources As" to "According to File Type" everything compiled and linked. I think it was set to C++.


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    Hi kulak, and welcome here!

    I'd be happy to integrate your changes for being compatible with XCode 4.6.2 as I'm still on an old 3.X version and I'm unlikely to update due to an aging macbook.

    However, you mentioned syncing from the SVN trunk. Did you mean the Mercurial repository at https://bitbucket.org/orx/orx or the old SVN repository on sourceforge?

    The SVN is 8 months old and won't be updated anymore, all the dev is now done in the Hg one on bitbucket. :)

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    I have used Orx from


    I will give bitbucket a try.

    I had some compilation issues with static configuration, but I did not know I was using old code. Overall I am quite impressed. I am not a C or C++ expert, so I am progressing slow.
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    So yes, that would be the old repository, there has been a few hundreds of commits since we moved to bitbucket, including automated project file creation with premake and continuous integration with buildbot: http://buildbot.orx-project.org:8010/waterfall

    Glad you appreciate it so far, if you have any questions, don't hesitate. In addition to the forum, you'll find some very helpful info in the wiki, and on the dev group.
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