hrtf and 3d audio

I am a developer of mainly audio games, games driven almost entirely by sound. Obviously this would include things like pan and volume, but one thing I was looking for an engine with was full headphone 3d audio hrtf support. Basically so you can wear headphones (and sometime use speakers) but it would sound like sounds are coming from all around. Does orx provide this? Is it possible that if not, it can be developed?


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    Hi Michael, and welcome here! :)

    At the moment, in addition to pan, volume and pitch, orx offers 3D sound positioning.
    However, I never looked into HRTF for it before you posted your question. :)

    It turns out that recent version of OpenAL Soft have HRTF support. Apparently it can be easily enabled via an external config file.
    I then have two options: either I add some wrapping to orx and modify OpenAL Soft to accept enabling HRTF with some API call or having the user enabling it by creating a config file (which, of course, OpenAL soft expects at different locations depending on the target platforms -_-).

    That being said, it shouldn't be too bad and you could try the second option right away before I try to do anything.

    Lastly, at the moment the listener orientation is fixed as orx is 2D oriented (always done the Z axis). However I can easily provide a way to modify it, giving full 3D freedom.

    If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to ask them.

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