obvious flaw with this .ini ?

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I'm trying to follow Sausage's tutorial 1, but cannot get the ini file right. Can anyone spot something really obvious here?

Here is the error message:
[DISPLAY] [orxTexture.c:orxTexture_CreateFromFile():651] Failed to load bitmap [tutorial-tiles.png] and link it to texture.
[DISPLAY] [orxGraphic.c:orxGraphic_CreateFromConfig():696] Couldn't get text or texture for graphic (tile1).

Assume that tutorial-tiles.png actually exists and is in a proper location
; ----------------------------------- DISPLAY ----------------------------------------- ;

ScreenWidth   = 480
ScreenHeight  = 800

Camera        = Camera

FrustumWidth  = @Display.ScreenWidth
FrustumHeight = @Display.ScreenHeight
FrustumFar    = 1.0
FrustumNear   = 0.0
Position      = (0.0, 0.0, -1.0)

; ---------------------------------- OBJECTS ------------------------------------------- ;

Graphic     = tile1

Texture     = tutorial-tiles.png
TextureSize = (80,80,0)

[[email protected]]
TextureCorner = (0,0,0)

[[email protected]]
TextureCorner = (80, 0, 0)
[[email protected]]
TextureCorner = (160, 0, 0)
[[email protected]]
TextureCorner = (0, 80, 0)
[[email protected]]
TextureCorner = (80, 80, 0)
[[email protected]]
TextureCorner = (160, 80, 0)
[[email protected]]
TextureCorner = (0, 160, 0)
[[email protected]]
TextureCorner = (80, 160, 0)
[[email protected]]
TextureCorner = (160, 160, 0)


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    So the only proper location for tutorial-tiles.png would be the same folder as the executable, is there where the file is?

    That tutorial was written before the Resource module was written, but now paths for textures could be provided separately, allowing for the actual file being in a different folder than the executable

    Something like this:
    Texture = path/to/folder1 # ... # path/to/folderN

    For more details about the resource module, please check: https://bitbucket.org/iarwain/resource

    Note: The TextureCorner config property key, while still supported, is deprecated in favor to TextureOrigin, which match the internal code API. :)
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    I'm running this tutorial on android, so I've placed all the .ini and .png into the assets folder (this has worked in the bundled tutorials) and refer to it without any path (ie Texture = file.png). Hmm, so nothing stikes the eye then? Order is ok, empty lines, etc.

    I will change TextureCorner->TextureOrigin, thanks for pointing that out.
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    Ha! Just tried using a different png in place of texture-tiles.png and everything worked... Is it the dash in the name or is the asset manager compressing the png...
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    ok, seems that the tutorial-tiles.png from the wiki is corrupted. Can't open in gimp or orx. I thought I was going crazy..
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    The dash name shouldn't matter, at least at orx level, but you can easily try this hypothesis.

    It might be an unsupported bitmap format, but lydesik would know more about this as the supported formats on Android (and iOS to some extent) differ slightly from the other platforms.
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    Ah good to know, I'll see if I can replace that file then.
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    I spoke too soon, sorry!

    I downloaded the file incorrectly somehow (using xubuntu firefox, right-click 'save link as...' vs right-click 'save image as...'). Doing the save image as actually gives proper file. So after all that, it's just a false alarm.. :S
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    Heh, that's good, less work for me! ;)
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