Frustrum in Scroll Behaves Differently

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INI section:
FrustumFar    = 10.0;
FrustumNear  = 0.0

With FrustrumFar = 10;
Valid Z range for objects is in range: -4 to 5.

With FrustrumFar = 5
valid Z range for objects is in range: -2 to 2.

What's the rational behind it?



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    It's always centered around 0.
    ScrollEd (the level editor embedded in Scroll) uses layers and assumes foreground layers with a Z < 0, gameplay/physics layer with Z = 0, background layers with Z > 0.
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    That being said, it's the default behavior, one can modify the camera Z position if needed, but knowing how ScrollEd works is then essential (unless not used at all).
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