Tutorial 12_Lighting crash on linux

[08:16:49] [LOG]
- 'MOUSE_LEFT' will create a new light under the cursor
- 'MOUSE_RIGHT' will clear all the lights from the scene
- 'MOUSE_WHEEL_UP' will increase the radius of the current light
- 'MOUSE_WHEEL_DOWN' will decrease the radius of the current light
- 'KEY_SPACE' will toggle alpha on light (ie. make holes in lit objects)
[08:16:49] [ASSERT] [orxDisplay.c:orxDisplay_GLFW_CompileShader():752] [ASSERT] : <eError == GL_NO_ERROR && "OpenGL error code: 0x502">
Trace/breakpoint trap

Is it a bug, or i do something wrong?
I build the code using embedded dynamic, then compile link the source with debug config.
I using Gentoo with Nvidia card.


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    Which version are you using?
    Recently I updated the GLFW plugin to get rid of the vestigial fixed pipeline by default and wrote a default shader that wasn't 100% right. It was reported here:https://forum.orx-project.org/discussion/5822 and got corrected since. Do you have a version recent enough that has this patch?
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