tutorial to setup ORX in CodeBlocks

Please guys help me to setup ORX in CodeBlocks so that i can soon start developing using ORX


  • jimjim
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    Whats your mingw version as there is a small workaround if you are using mingw version 4.7 or above ? If you are using 4.6.x then you can get the orx source from here

    Compiling orx source is pretty straight forward.
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    I am using version 3.81 in CodeBlocks 10.05

    Please guide me step by step Jim
  • jimjim
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    Have you downloaded the orx source ? So, here is what you need to do,

    1. First download source from here, https://bitbucket.org/orx/orx/get/default.zip

    2. Then extract the zip, in root directory you would find folder named 'code','doc','extern','tools' and 'tutorial'

    3. Go to extern->premake->bin, copy the premake4.exe inside the build folder, where you can see premake4.lua

    4. Now browse to code->build from root directory, paste the premake4.exe

    5. Run the premake4.exe with codeblocks parameter from command prompt, so command is like, premake4.exe codeblocks

    6. You will see it generates project workspace inside windows folder, inside 'windows' you would find 'codeblocks' folder which contains project workspace for codeblocks.

    7. Inside 'codeblocks' folder double click orx.workspace or open it from codeblocks.

    8. There is many build target but we are only interested in,
    "Embedded Dynamic Debug","Embedded Dynamic Profile" and "Embedded Dynamic Release". Press Ctrl-F9 to build orx. For convenience build for "Embedded Dynamic Debug" which is default when you open the project workspace. After you successfully build orx. Then go to root folder again.

    9. Browse to tutorial->build->windwos->codeblocks, here you will see Tutorial.workspace, open it and run your tutorial from here.

    Things to note : if you build orx for debug, run your tutorial in debug mode.
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    Also, as you're using gcc 3.81 (which is about 8 years old!), you might not be able to link orx with its dependencies, as the binaries for all the dependencies have been compiled with gcc 4.6. The ABI has probably changed quite a lot since then.

    I'd suggest upgrading gcc to 4.6 or you'll have to compile all the dependencies yourself (Box2D, SOIL, GLFW, libsndfile, openal-soft). There are project/build files for all of them but it's still a bit more annoying than simply having to compile orx itself.
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    Actually Jim helped me through in setting up code blocks and it worked.

    If i find any problem i will upgrade
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