Switching between twin animations

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Can't think of a better subject line that, I'll try to explain my situation as best as possible...

Say I have a running animation of a guy wearing shorts.

I need to switch to an animation of him wearing jeans.

During the first running animation, say we are currently on frame 15 out of a 34 frame animation.

I need to switch to animation 2 and have it pick up on frame 15 and continue, not start at frame 0 (assuming the two animations have the same frame count and timings).

Is this possible or do I need to rethink the problem?


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    Yes, it's possible but it will only be simple if both anims have exactly the same number of keys with the same timing, which is probably the case.

    You'll need to get the orxANIMPOINTER from your objects. Then on your master twin you call orxAnimPointer_GetCurrentTime() and you will apply this value on the other twin with orxAnimPointer_SetTime().

    Let me know if you have any issue!
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    Thanks Iarwain. Yes both will have the same properties. This will solve the issue when I come to it in a few days.
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