Problems on Linux

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What I do is
cd orx/code/build
I have bakefile installed. I get
./ line 5: cd: linux/autoconf: No such file or directory
aclocal: `' or `' is required
then I
cd linux/gnu/
and get
g++ -shared -fPIC -o ../../../bin/plugins// ./debug/orxPhysics_Box2D_orxPhysics.o  -g -L../../../lib/static  -L../../../../extern/Box2D_2.0.1/Orx/lib/linux -lBox2D    
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible ../../../../extern/Box2D_2.0.1/Orx/lib/linux/libBox2D.a when searching for -lBox2D
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lBox2D
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [../../../bin/plugins//] Error 1
I do have box2d-svn installed, the installed files are

Ok, I remove -lBox2D from the makefile and it works.

Now I go back to svnroot/bin and do ./orxd. What I get is:
[2010-02-08 23:00:51] <SYSTEM> (orxConfig_Load() - src/core/orxConfig.c:2380) [./orxd.ini]: Begins the processing of included file @orx.ini@.
[2010-02-08 23:00:51] <SYSTEM> (orxConfig_Load() - src/core/orxConfig.c:2386) [./orxd.ini]: Ends the processing of included file @orx.ini@.
[2010-02-08 23:00:51] <SYSTEM> (orxConfig_Load() - src/core/orxConfig.c:2294) Config entry [Display::Title]: Replacing value "OrxDemo (Release)" with new value "OrxDemo (Debug)" from <./orxd.ini>.
Segmentation fault

In gdb, I can't backtrace.

This is orx-svn. Am I doing something wrong?


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    Hi qubodup!

    First of all, I've never tested the autogen script myself. All the bakefiles have been made by someone who isn't on the project anymore and I'm barely maintaining them. I probably should delete them once and for all.

    If you have access to codelite on linux, I suggest you use it to compile orx as the projects are ready for all the targets.
    Whereas if you use the bakefile-generated makefile, the embedded targets are unfortunately not available. It should compile but you'll have to load all the plugins at runtime which is a bit annoying. =)

    Are you on a 64bit linux? If so, the libBox2D from extern/Box@d_2.0.1/Orx/lib/linux has been compiled for 32bit linux (I don't have access to 64bit linux here). You'll need to rebuild both SFML and Box2D (the version in /extern, not the official ones as I made a couple of changes, some where integrated to the main branch of SFML but not all, and I didn't submit anything to Box2D maintainer so far).
    A codelite project is available for Box2D whereas a regular makefile is used for SFML.

    Basically I added support for custom gravity on a per-body basis in Box2D + hacked the possibility to not slide on slopes (useful for characters in a side-scroller platformer). That's probably why it segfault when using the default Box2D for linking.

    Eyecreate tried to compile orx + dependencies for linux-64bit with success a couple of weeks ago so it should be fine. But as I made some changes on the svn since, let me know if you encounter any issue.

    [EDIT] Oh and for the backtracing, I presume it's because you're crashing while loading the physics plugin which is initialized with a callback from a dlopen() call. I remember having some issues when trying to trace similar cases. Using the embedded version of orx (ie. providing the define __orxEMBEDDED__ when compiling orx + compiling orxPlugin_EmbeddedList.cpp) should help with that as no dl*() calls will be issued for orx itself.
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    I was actually just playing with the engine tonight, and still compiles fine for me.
    After downloading from SVN, the steps I took for a working build were:
    1.move to "orx/extern/Box2D_2.0.1/Orx/build/codelite/" folder and build workspace in codelite
    2. move to "orx/extern/SFML-1.5/src/SFML/" and run make
    3.move to "orx/code/build/codelite/" and build workspace in codelite

    I then had a working orx executable in the "orx/code/bin/" folder.
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