adding ellipsoid shapes to orx

the options right now are box, sphere, and concave polygons, how much work would be involved to support ellipsoid shapes?

i tried looking at the source code of the underlying physics, and was more puzzled after since the physics seem to be for 2d (box2d?) but orx does 3d space, just 2d rendering (from what i understood before).

so, my questions would be:

1- where would an ellipsoid shape be implemented, and any silly-wild-guesses on how hard that would be?

2- what am i not understanding, since orx has 3d objects, but i didn't see 3d physics


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    I don't know about implementing the elipse, but orx physics is 2d. It does use box2d underneath.
    That being said, objects of different Z will collide.
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    that makes sense, thanks for the quick reply.

    orx does so much, and very easily for someone like me from a c/c++ background. the way i envisioned my game, was a 2d view, but some 3d physics underneath (maybe 5% of interactions). it's hard to turn away from orx when the 3d alternatives don't have the same appeal.

    where does 3d support fall in future orx development?
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    I don't think so, you can find the open issues here:

    On the problem, you can filter the collisions with flags (limited to 16).
    For instance, create some layer flags, and give it to the objects you want to collide in a former layer.
    I would suggest to open a topic in the Help Request session and describe the problem with more details there, so I can help (how many layers, what needs to collide, etc).
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    yes, another topic under help would be good to discuss how to work around the Z collisions, but i figured this was the place to ask about ellipsoids and future 3d support.

    glad there's a way to filter the collisions, but it seems from what you say that gravity will be for either x or y, not z. now, the shape of the object doesn't matter, i'll have to code how the object will 'fly' or 'bounce'. despite my initial let down about the 2d physics, i'm seeing it's not an impossible problem to solve. thanks, again.
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    Hi, a bit late on this thread, sorry.

    Not much to add beside that I know that lydesik started an integration of Bullet for a physics plugin, but I think he'll focus on 2D anyway.
    That being said, if you were to add your own plugin for 3D physics, I'll be happy to consider integrating it to orx's main repo.
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