How cool is SDF font rendering!

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I have seen many people using this techniques which is Signed Distance Field Font Rendering. And I see it's kinda easy to implement. Someone demonstrated this using Cinder, but should be doable in orx too. The link is here

Though, we see less and less text in games nowadays but they are not totally gone. This is not a feature request post, just letting people know that this is another way of rendering cool fonts :)


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    I love this technique and it works for more than just text. ;)
    I stumbled upon Valve's paper about 4 years ago, when I was making my dfrm test, and did a quick test with orx which worked great.
    I quickly tried to add the feature to the engine but did not find a elegant way to handle the shader part behind the scene.
    Maybe I'll give it another thought soon. :)
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