So, the last post on these boards was made on the first of March. It's now the twentieth. Does that just mean that there haven't been any recent developments with Orx? The news section has a neat video about Orx on the iPhone as well as an update about the license, but that's about it.

Anyway, I hope to see this place get a little more active. I'm not savvy enough with C++ yet to contribute to Orx; so, I can't do much to stir things up.


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    Actually the iPhone port is almost done since last week. There's probably 1-2 hours of work left for the beta but I haven't been able to code a single line for days due to a pretty sick baby. :/

    I've added custom bitmap support in orx, available in SFML plugins (win/linux/mac) and almost finished on iPhone (that's the 1-2 hours of work left). I now need to find a nice free font to embed in orx as default: right now I'm using dina which is a great font but lacks accents support.

    I'm also on vacation, so the beta release will have to wait for mid-april. =)

    That being said, after the beta release and before a final release, I plan on adding support for OpenGL ES 2 fur iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch 3G so as to enable shaders for these models.
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