Editor, once again. How to handle collisions?

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Hi everyone, so as I have posted long time ago, I am working on a tile/scene editor to use with orx.

The basic concept is: you place the tiles, you export the scene to a .ini file, use a simple orx code that calls orxObject_createFromConfig for each object of one or more lists and the same scene is drawn inside orx.

My goal is to use it myself, but I will release the code as soon as it is useable (which will probably take quite some time - have it done by the end of the year is what I am aiming for).

So now I reach a wall that I don't see to get a good way to get done. So I guess it is time to ask for some opinions :)

The problem is with collisions. Here is a Screen Shot of the Collision interface (you may select one or more objects from the scene and edit their collision here):*


My problem is that I want (and I have coded) that the user may "copy" a collision part to all select objects. This is very usefull when you want, for instance, to select all the walls of your scene and configure one part for all of them with a single operation.

I also want the user to configure their own colliders (the one rendered in this image is the "default" one, which automatically fits in the whole object the best it can.

So, first question:

Assuming someone determined their own points in a big object (say a 300 x 300 object), creating a pretty big area. Then he/she tries to copy that part to all objects (some of those are, for instance 64 x 64). What should the program do?

The second question is about meshes. What to do about a "default" mesh? Use a box with four points? Or should it be straight forbidden?

The final question is that the program currently has a limitation with creating colliders bigger than the object (it can be done with spheres, but not with boxes/meshes), since the display area shows only the object. Do you find this problematic? Any ideas on how to handle this problem?

* Link, in case it is not showing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0UdeUM9pB-nbVp3ZDBTUFFLT3M/edit?usp=sharing


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    Hi Knolan,

    Sorry for the late answers, but I don't have much to offer unfortunately.

    I'm not sure what I'd expect as a user for the first question. For the second one, I think I'd start with a box mesh as it seems like a good base.
    And lastly, I do think colliders bigger than the object could be interesting. Not sure how to handle it editor-wise though.

    Sorry for not being of much help!
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    Thanks for the reply iarwain.

    I guess I will give both options on the first one (copy relative to the the size of the objects and carbon copy).
    I will add an expand size button in the collision form editor to make the edit space bigger than the object then.

    Thanks again.
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