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I know there's a way to echo inside an ini file but I can't find it. Seems like I've even done it before... Print? Say? Echo?


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    Inside an INI? Not sure what you mean. What would be an example of usage?

    In code you can of course with orxLOG:

    orxLOG("Say something like %s", myString);
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    Wanted to be sure an included ini was actually getting included. Related to my Animation post. I'm pretty sure now that it's getting loaded though. I just can't figure out what's going on. Thanks!
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    Ah well if your ini is being called from a main ini, you can just rename it or move it out of the folder temporarily.

    Then watch Orx complain in the terminal window that starts up with your game window.
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    You can also execute regular commands from within the config files. Ie. the commands will get executed when the config files are loaded.

    In this case, you can add a simple log at the beginning of .ini files, something like, in foo.ini:
    % log "foo.ini is loaded!"

    More about this here:!topic/orx-dev/KwdyJvRwSF0

    Lastly, for files included directly from another config file using the @my_include[email protected] syntax, when run in debug, orx will log messages when it starts/stops processing those inclusion.
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