Get yer Orx on!

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It finally arrived:


Got it made for wearing at indie fests and conventions.


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    I want one! :D

    I wonder how it'll look in white on black. Not that I only wear black, but... :)
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    Easy enough to make a white on black - would look alright, but yeah I don't wear black either.

    I think I can forward the design on spreadshirt.

    We need a store!
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    I like the minimalistic design :)
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    I also picked up a wizball and commodore 64 shirts. I learned something interesting about spreadshirt.

    Don't upgrade to premium shirts.

    I went with the standard Men's T-shirt for the first two shirts but I thought for the orx shirt, I'll add a little extra for that one. But the cut is weird and it's my least favourite.

    So I'll be ordering another orx t-shirt, this time as a standard men's.

    Standard Men's T-shirt
    This is a Gildans brand (Heavy Cotton). These are great shirts.

    Premium Men's T-shirt
    This a "spreadshirt" branded shirt. Seems the same thickness as the regular but it's slightly longer and the arms seem cut wider into a flair. It's a weird cut, looks weird, feels weird. Avoid. Not sure why you would pay extra for this.
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    I want one too :)
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    Awesome !!!

    Where did you order this, and how mush did it cost ?
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    I used and came to around $20 a shirt. Which is not too bad.

    I used the SVG logo in the orx bitbucket repositiory and uploaded. I have the design up there that I could pass around. Perhaps we need a store account something like what do:

    I reckon there should be
      1. plain orx shirt white on black 2. plain orx shirt black on white 3. taglined orx shirt(portable game engine) tagline white on black 4. taglined orx shirt(portable game engine) tagline black on white
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    I did open a shop on spreadshirt (orx-project) a couple of years ago, but for some reason I never was able to upload any design. :(

    The idea was that maybe that shop could help gather some money to cover the hosting costs.
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    Maybe see if the account is still active and I'll try to transfer the design to it.
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    It seems the money you make anyway will be only given as a spendable on the Spreadshirt website?

    (In French for Iarwain and I, because I am actually on the .FR one)

    Créer des produits: Vous pouvez créer plusieurs produits différents avec un seul motif et le proposer à la vente sur le Marketplace. Chaque fois qu'un utilisateur y achète un de vos produits, vous recevrez la commission sous forme d'avoir sur votre compte Spreadshirt.

    Proposer des motifs: Publiez votre motif sur le Marketplace. Il sera alors disponible pour tous les utilisateurs dans le T-shirt Designer sous la rubrique "Motifs". Les utilisateurs pourront créer un produit avec votre motif. Dès qu'une commande est passée avec votre motif, vous percevrez la commission que vous aurez fixée au préalable, sous forme d'avoir sur votre compte utilisateur.
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    or maybe not... It's not very clear reading another page just after this...

    I created this to try too

    i'll order one of my creation to see how it work and the quality of it.
    Same thing, I was able to choose english language for the visitors, but it seems prices will be in Euros, and i'm not sure someone from the .com or USA ou Elsewhere not in Europe will be able to buy one with a cheaper price delivery...

    not everything is clearly explained so far :)
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