Another site for the ORX files

Hi, i'm from Cuba, i'd like to start with ORX but doesn't let me download the files.. so, anybody who can upload the files and send me new links..

thanks in advance...


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    Hi ronnygiga,

    As I just wrote you in PM, you only need to let me know which package you want to use and I'll upload it somewhere else for you. The options are: sources or compiled for mingw, visual studio 2005, vs 2008, vs 2010, linux, mac and iPhone.
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    A little off-topic question, how come you can't download from sourceforge?
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    Sourceforge as Google, have closed some countries, including Cuba. I try to download the files and sends me a "YOUR COUNTRY CAN'T DOWNLOAD FILES BECOUSE OF SOME STUPID REASONS" message
    and that's why..

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    The USA has a trade embargo in place with Cuba for some 40 years now. Sourceforge and Google, being owned by US based companies are forbidded by law to offer their services to Cubans. The same goes for Iran and North Korea I believe.
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