Bean Farmer and Orx plug here


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    By the way, a couple of days ago I felt like playing it on my phone so I went to get the latest version from (I only had a dev one on my phone so far) and after googling it I found quite a lot of page hits, including a metacritic entry!

    Congrats, not sure how you did it, but it has a decent visibility out there. :)
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    Thanks, Iarwain.

    Yes some tips I have learned along the way for spreading...

    * Desura is probably the thing that has spread it the furthest. Metacritic and a stack other sites (some questionable) simply rip content from Desura.

    * seems to have been a good move too. MajorGeeks picked it up and a lot of traffic comes from there.

    * For Android, I've found that I have received three times more traffic from Aptoide, than on Amazon.

    I have a couple of little surprises coming up, one being hardware related. I must finish it this week in time for next monday's indie meetup.
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