Pinball hardware controls

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Been working on controls for the Hippocket pinball series. See the attached pics. It is simply based on a USB keyboard controller and arcade microswitches.

I still need to make the cover, work the edges and stain it.

This is a prototype, but it is possible that this controller will be installed in a local gaming bar. pinball_controls01.jpg


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    Engineering well applied.
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    Can't wait to see the final version! Nice work. :)
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    Went to the local indie meetup last night and demoed the controls and new pinball table. You can see it on the table on the far left:


    That's me over on the far right with the stripey hoodie.
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    Nice screen on that prototype!

    Do you know when it'll end up in the bar?
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    Not sure, a few weeks away I'd say. Raster Blaster is about to go out, and after that, I'll pick up artifacts from the bar for their custom game.

    Picked up some copper wire on the weekend to fix the bump/tilt mechanism in the controller.
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    Nice work! I miss the old arcades I've spent my childhood in.
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