-std=c++11 and Premake?

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Are we supporting c++11 as default in the premake scripts?

Should we be supporting it as default?


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    Mmh, to which scripts are you referring?
    Those for orx itself and the tutorials?
    It shouldn't matter as orx doesn't use any of C++11 new features in the rare C++ parts (mostly the Box2D plugin, Android's keyboard one and the tutorial #10).
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    Yep it wouldn't be for Orx itself, so I was thinking more of the premake for the tutorial at: orx/tutorial/build/premake.lua

    This is the base that can be used for our own projects.

    So this could be added, for example in the linux section:
    configuration {"linux"}
    	buildoptions {"-std=c++0x"}

    or depending on your version of g++....
    configuration {"linux"}
    	buildoptions {"-std=c++11"}

    So yeah... its a problem that the flag changes depending on which gcc version you have.

    Perhaps the answer to my question is no. Let the develop maintain his own premake and choose c++11 if he wants rather than make it standard.
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    Mmh, I think if that people are advanced enough to use C++11 features, they should be able to add the required flags in the premake script. :)
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